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Biomass water tube boiler

ZBG szl series double drum chain grate biomass boiler is a biomass water tube boiler, with many advantages, welcomed by different industries.
  • Rated steam capacity: 6-30 T/H
  • Rated steam pressure: 1.25 to 2.5 MPa
  • Rated steam temperature: 194 ~ 226 °C
  • Applicable fuel: Biomass Fuel, Rice Husk, Bagasses

Products introduction:

  ZBG szl series chain grate biomass boiler is a double drum biomass water tube boiler. This kind of boiler is produced by ZBG with the advantages of high thermal efficiency, compact structure, environmental protection and high steam quality. It is one of the hot products of ZBG. This kind of biomass boiler is suitable for burning rice husk, wood chips, bark, straw, palm shell, peanut shell and other shaped biomass fuel, which is welcomed by customers in different industries.

  Biomass water tube boiler performance advantages;

  1. high performance and quality assurance

  ZBG is a company focused on technology and innovation, aiming to provide customers with professional and valuable boiler equipment and services. Each boiler of ZBG is made of high-quality products, strict product quality inspection, intelligent production workshop, raw material control, and first-class team, so that ZBG 's products continue to go global.

  2. High quality steam

  Ample steam and water space, steam and water separation of the upper and lower drums greatly improve the steam quality produced by the boiler. The water supply unit treats the water and the advantages of the water tube boiler itself also improve the steam quality.

  3. High thermal efficiency

  The boiler uses materials with good thermal insulation properties to reduce heat loss. The boiler adopts a membrane type water wall structure, has good air tightness and good heat transfer effect. Because of fast movement of water in the tubes the rate of heat transfer is large and civilization the efficiency of boiler will be high.

  This boiler has other advantages. The use of clean biomass fuels reduces pollutant emissions on the one hand. The boiler itself is designed to make the fuel burn well in the furnace and reduce the original amount of nitrogen oxides in the flue gas.

Technical Parameters:

Model Rated steam capacity(T/H) Rated steam pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature( °C) Feed water temperature(°C) Fuel type
SZL6-1.25-T 6 1.25 194 20 biomass pellet
SZL10-1.25-T 10 1.25 194 20
SZL10-2.5-T 10 2.5 226 105
SZL15-1.25-T 15 1.25 194 105
SZL15-1.6-T 15 1.6 204 105

R & D background:

Biomass resources are widely distributed and suitable for local development and utilization. At present, the development of biomass energy combustion technology suitable for various industrial boilers will have positive significance for saving conventional energy and optimizing energy structure.

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