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15 ton biomass steam boiler

  The 15 biomass boilers produced by ZBG can be used in many fields such as paper making and food, and are a hot-selling product.

  • Rated steam capacity: 6-30 T/H
  • Rated steam pressure: 1.25 to 2.5 MPa
  • Rated steam temperature: 194 ~ 226 °C
  • Applicable fuel: Biomass Fuel, Rice Husk, Bagasses

Products introduction:

  The 15 biomass boilers produced by ZBG consume about 15 tons of steam per hour for a certain amount of biomass fuel under standard conditions for different purposes. Steam boilers are widely used, and 15 tons of biomass steam boilers are welcomed by many customers because of environmental protection and fossil energy conservation.

  The double-drum longitudinal chain grate boiler produced by ZBG has many advantages. The steam produced by the boiler is of high quality. The boiler is equipped with a dust collector, desulfurization and denitration device and other equipment to achieve low pollution emission performance of the boiler. The 15-ton szl series steam boiler can be used in many fields such as chemical industry, building materials, food, papermaking, etc., to provide steam for enterprise production. This type of boiler can also be used to generate electricity.

  The 15-ton szl series biomass boiler is a fast-assembling boiler with convenient boiler transportation and short production and installation cycles. ZBG's high-quality boiler quality assurance, internationally accepted ASME certification, more than 70 years of production experience, and the accumulation of experience of tens of thousands of customers, reflects the strong strength of ZBG. It also provided strong brand support for more customers to choose the 15 ton biomass steam boiler produced by ZBG.

Technical Parameters:

Model Rated steam capacity(T/H) Rated steam pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature( °C) Feed water temperature(°C) Fuel type
SZL6-1.25-T 6 1.25 194 20 biomass pellet
SZL10-1.25-T 10 1.25 194 20
SZL10-2.5-T 10 2.5 226 105
SZL15-1.25-T 15 1.25 194 105
SZL15-1.6-T 15 1.6 204 105

R & D background:

Biomass resources are widely distributed and suitable for local development and utilization. At present, the development of biomass energy combustion technology suitable for various industrial boilers will have positive significance for saving conventional energy and optimizing energy structure.

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