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ZBG-SZL series biomass boiler

As society's demand for energy grows, fossil fuels, the main source of energy, are rapidly declining. Therefore, finding a renewable alternative energy source has become the focus of widespread concern in society. Biomass energy is an ideal renewable energy source. It has a wide range of sources and produces a large amount of industrial, agricultural and forest waste every year. On the other hand, biomass energy is a clean and renewable energy source, and CO2 emissions are close to zero. Therefore, the use of biomass energy plays an important role in protecting the environment, improving the ecology, and improving the living standards of farmers. Biomass fuel as a boiler fuel is also an effective way to use biomass energy. In recent years, biomass boilers have developed rapidly

ZBG szl series biomass boiler is a double drum chain grate boiler, which is a highly efficient cleaning boiler. The boiler combustion mode is the chain grate and is suitable for burning biomass-formed solid fuel.

SZL series biomass boiler
ZBG biomass boiler case

10 ton biomass boiler for industry production

Introduction:A 10 ton szl series chain grate biomass steam boiler produced by ZG boiler was exported to Indonesia for use as a core equipment for steam systems.[Learn more]

15 ton biomass boiler for palm oil factory

Introduction:ZG boiler 15 ton palm-shell biomass boiler is used in a palm oil plant to recover palm-shell biomass fuel for steam production in palm oil production.[Learn more]