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palm shell biomass boiler

2018-09-28 17:01:19     Author:zgboiler

  Malaysia is a palm oil exporting country. There are many palm oil factories of different sizes in this country. For the needs of boilers, clean and environmentally friendly biomass boilers that burn biomass are very popular. The palm-shell biomass boiler of ZG boiler is technically improved for the burning characteristics of the palm shell. The boiler fuel is fully burned, the operation is simple, and the thermal efficiency is high.

palm shell biomass boiler

  Palm shell is a high-quality homogeneous fuel. After processing into shaped biomass particles, it has high density, convenient storage, high hydrogen and oxygen content, and is beneficial for rapid ignition and combustion. And palm-shell biomass fuel fuels contain less than 0.05% sulphur and are a clean energy source. The ZG boiler Palm Shell Biomass Boiler is a new type of boiler with clean combustion technology. It uses palm shell and palm fiber as fuel to release the potential energy in the fuel through reasonable organization of combustion, transferring heat energy to the water and turning the water into water. Steam under certain parameters for power generation or production processes.

  ZG boiler is a boiler manufacturer with long-term goals. The palm-shell biomass boiler is the product that the ZG boiler team is trying to build. However, ZG boiler also found that there are still deficiencies in biomass boilers, and there are still room for improvement in many aspects such as thermal efficiency and operational processes. ZG boiler will continue to serve customers better and produce more environmentally-friendly and high-quality boilers.

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