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Palm shell biomass boiler in Indonesia

2019-01-15 17:30:47     Author:zgboiler

  Indonesia is a large agricultural country, of which palm oil is one of the main agricultural products. This also means that the Indonesian palm oil industry is very developed, and the demand for boilers is also very large.

Palm shell biomass boiler

  The boiler can provide steam for the palm oil production process, which is used for cooking, disinfection, etc., and is also used for power generation. In the production process, oil plants produce a large amount of waste such as palm shells. In today's economy-saving, how to maximize the role of each type of waste, save costs, and create economic income is what every company hopes to do. Palm-shell biomass boiler can burn such waste generated by these plants, saving the cost of processing these wastes, saving energy costs and achieving waste utilization.

Palm shell biomass boiler in Indonesia

  According to the size of the palm oil plant, it is generally sufficient to use the ZBG DZL or SZL chain biomass boiler. ZBG chain grate biomass boiler is package boiler. It has the advantages of high reliability, time saving and material saving, compact structure and small floor space. It has the advantages of high reliability, high thermal efficiency and strong overload capacity.

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