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ZBG began to recruit agents

2018-12-05 18:47:10     Author:zgboiler

  ZBG follows the trend of the times and constantly adjusts the international trade strategic plan with the international market situation. We found that ZBG's products are at the first-class level in terms of quality and service, but our international influence has not yet reached the ideal level. In order to expand the brand influence of ZBG in the international market, on the other hand, to provide customers with more perfect services, ZBG began to recruit agents.

ZBG began to recruit agents

  The following is the agent policy of ZBG:

  1. Give price same as our company sales team.

  2. supply Boiler inquiry customer information below 10ton/hour

  3. Full pre-sale supports

  4. the only representative of boiler Maintenance and parts services in the agency area.

  5. After approval, become the only local agent(The client that contact us directly also gives them to sign a contract)

  Similarly, in order to achieve a win-win situation, to provide customers with more complete and intimate boiler equipment and services, we also put forward some requirements for agents.

ZBG boiler

  1. Engaged in boiler sales and installation at least 5 years

  2. Have the ability and team to install and maintain boiler products

  3. Only agent our products

  If the customer is interested in working with our company, you can get in touch with us to get more information about the boiler agent.

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