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45 tph bagasse fired steam boiler supplier

2019-01-24 18:09:42     Author:zgboiler

  ZBG has more than 70 years of experience in boiler R&D and manufacturing, providing high-efficiency and energy-saving high-quality boilers for the market. The 45-ton corner tube biomass boiler developed for the characteristics of bagasse biomass fuel is energy-efficient and widely used in sugar enterprises.

45 tph bagasse fired steam boiler supplier

  1 ton of sugarcane generates 280 kg of bagasse, and that based on economics as well as environmental related issues, enormous efforts have been directed worldwide towards bagasse management issues such as utilization, storage and disposal. The use of bagasse as fuel for boilers has become a good choice of most sugar companies. Bagasse is combusted in boilers to generate steam for downstream processes. The utilization of bagasse waste is essential to economic production of sugar.

  1. 45 tph bagasse fired steam boiler example

  Model: ZG-45/3.82-T

  Rated steam pressure: 3.82 MPa

  Rated steam temperature: 450 °C

  Feed water temperature: 105 °C

  The boiler adopts full-membrane water-cooled wall structure, high furnace design, combined with secondary air and furnace separation technology, and fuel combustion is sufficient. There is no need to add bed material when the fuel is burned, and the multi-flue arrangement is used to reduce the original dust concentration. The boiler was equipped with have high percentages of hydrocarbons and can be super heater, air heater and economizer in order used to fire boilers.

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