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3000 KW biomass hot water boiler for sale

2019-01-23 18:15:07     Author:zgboiler

  MW (1MW = 1000 KW) is the capacity unit of a hot water boiler. The long-term continuous operation of the hot water boiler, the effective heat quantity of hot water generated every hour under the rated return water temperature, pressure and rated circulating water, is called the rated heat supply (output) of the boiler. In general, a hot water boiler produces 0.7 MW (6 x 105 kcal/h) of heat, which is roughly equivalent to a steam boiler producing 1 t/h of steam. 3000 KW hot water boiler under standard working conditions, burning biomass fuel to heat water, the heat generated per hour is 3000KW, equivalent to 4.3tph.

3000 KW biomass hot water boiler for sale

  The 3000 KW hot water boiler is the szl series chain grate boiler produced by ZBG, the hot water boiler is package water tube boiler with double steam drum and chain grate stoker structure.

  ZBG 3000 KW biomass hot water boiler could burn various biomass fuel and is widely used for heating of larger buildings (e.g. industrial premises, municipal heating plants, farm buildings, hotels, operating facilities, office buildings, school, greenhouse, etc.).

  3000 KW biomass hot water boilers characteristics:

  1. Secondary air is input to disturb fuel gas in the furnace, to ensure the fuel is burnt totally. The independent secondary fan makes it easy to control and adjust the air volume and air pressure.

  2.The boilers have the features of simple operation, smooth running, fast speed in temperature and pressure rise, strong output, and wide adaptive range for biomass fuel.

  3. Fuel: sugar aldehyde residue, palm shell, straw, rice husk, wood, distiller's grains, cotton stalks, etc., various types of pellets, briquettes and other molding fuels

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