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The disadvantages of biomass boiler

2018-10-16 17:31:36     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass boilers have many advantages. These advantages on the one hand promote the rapid development of biomass boilers, on the other hand, they also show the status quo of the boiler industry. Biomass boilers have many advantages, but they also have disadvantages.

The disadvantages of biomass boiler

  1. Biomass boiler technology needs to continue to develop

  Biomass boilers still have a lot of room for improvement in technology. The biomass boiler produced by ZBG has made great progress in thermal efficiency and environmental protection performance, but there is still much room for improvement in thermal efficiency. This is especially true in terms of environmental performance. Biomass boilers should be developed in the direction of zero pollution emissions. The biomass boiler fuel produced by ZBG has wide adaptability, but it burns various shaped biomass pellets, coal and other resources, but there are still many kinds of biomass that cannot be effectively utilized.

biomass boiler

  2. Greater fuel limit

  The use of biomass boilers is limited due to the imperfect biomass resource utilization system, especially for large capacity boilers. For example, many biomass power generation boilers are used in places where biomass is abundant and easy to access, such as farms. Since the current access to biomass resources is mainly agricultural waste, this is because biomass resources are subject to events and geographical restrictions. If biomass resources can access more ways, and more ways to use, such as molding biomass fuel, biomass gasification, liquefaction, etc., the popularity and application of biomass boilers will go further.

  3. Biomass boilers are more complicated to use

  When biomass is used, it requires a large space for fuel storage. The boiler also needs a feed system for fuel feeding, and the biomass fluidized bed boiler also needs to add bed material. Compared with oil and gas boilers with a relatively high degree of automation, biomass boilers still have a way to go in terms of automation.

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