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Industry biomass boiler types

2018-10-12 18:26:36     Author:zgboiler

  As a biomass that can replace fossil energy, it is a renewable energy source. The use of biomass energy in boilers can generate high economic benefits and play a huge role in environmental protection and energy conservation. As a well-known boiler manufacturer in the central and western regions of China, ZBG produces various types of biomass boilers.

  ZBG biomass boilers are divided from combustion technology, fluidized bed boilers, chain grate boilers, from the installation method, there are assembled boilers, quick-load boilers and bulk boilers. The following will introduce the ZBG biomass boiler from the model.

  1. DZL series biomass boiler

  This type of boiler uses a threaded pipe design to enhance boiler heat transfer, and the two-wing flue design avoids boiler bulge defects.

  capacity: 2-6 t/h

Industry biomass boiler

  2. SZL series biomass boiler

  The boiler adopts a double drum arrangement, and the water wall of the wall on both sides of the furnace adopts a membrane water wall structure, and the fuel is fully burned.

  capacity: 2-20 t/h

Industry biomass boiler types

  3. DHL series biomass boiler

  The boiler is a kind of corner tube chain grate boiler. The boiler adopts a beam type structure and a membrane type water wall design, and is a large capacity boiler with reliable water circulation.

  capacity: 20-100 t/h

  4. Fluidized bed boiler

  The fluidized bed boiler adopts fluidized bed combustion technology and is a boiler that can burn biomass very well. By optimizing the heating surface, the secondary air and the feeding device in the furnace, the combustion efficiency is improved and the original emission of boiler pollutants is reduced.

  capacity: 8-280 t/h

  5. Power station boiler

  There are two types of fluidized bed boilers and corner tube boilers. Based on the carbon neutrality of biomass itself, biomass power generation has become a trend of thermal power generation.

  capacity: 10-75 t/h

  If you have any questions about biomass boilers, feel free to contact our customer service staff.

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