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Common fuels for biomass boilers

2019-01-16 18:12:02     Author:zgboiler

  Today, biomass is used as an effective alternative to traditional coal, petroleum and other fossil energy sources. Biomass fuel is considered to be a clean and environmentally friendly fuel with low emissions during the combustion process. And biomass can be easily produced and degraded, and biomass is becoming an ideal choice for fuels.

Common fuels for biomass boilers

  Biomass is a nonfossil fuel suitable for steam generation in boilers. It is derived from plant material including wood, bagasse, nut hulls, rice hulls, corncobs, coffee grounds, and tobacco stems. Use of these by-product materials as fuel can be cost-effective especially when it solves a waste disposal problem.

  Common biomass fuel calorific values:

  In general, the calorific value of particulate fuel for agricultural raw materials is generally around 3000-4200 kcal/kg, and the calorific value of raw material pellets for forestry is generally higher at around 4200-5000 kcal/kg. The carbonized fuel of forestry has a calorific value of not less than 7000 kcal/kg, which is completely comparable to the required calorific value of standard coal.

biomass fuel calorific value (kcal/kg)
Rice husk 3828
Weed fuel 3873
straw 4215
Cotton stalk 4323
Peanut shell 5119
Leaf fuel 3502
Wood plasmid 4557
Caloric aldehyde slag 3145
wood chip 4401


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