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Biomass boiler system

2019-01-11 18:47:13     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass fuel is a new type of green energy that can be regenerated and continuously developed. Biomass boilers as a new energy boiler are gradually replacing coal, fuel and gas. As people's awareness of environmental protection has increased, the number of people using biomass boilers has become more and more, but when we use biomass boilers, we must also know how the biomass boiler works. What is the working principle of biomass boilers? Which systems are the biomass boilers operating?

Biomass boiler system

  1. Feeding system

  As one of the important components of biomass boilers, the feeding system is mainly composed of components such as silos and feeders. The biomass pellet fuel is transferred to the silo by a conveyor, and then the biomass pellet fuel in the silo is fed to the burner through the feeder for combustion.

  2. Combustion system

  The fuel system can be said to be the most important in the biomass boiler. The combustion system is generally composed of burners, fans, igniters and the like. The biomass fuel first has a preheating process in the burner, and then the fuel is delivered to the furnace by the fan for combustion. Biomass pellet fuel contains high volatiles. When the temperature in the furnace reaches the precipitation temperature of its volatiles, the ignition of the igniter fuel can be quickly ignited under the air supply conditions. The burner temperature control is based on the internal temperature of the furnace, and its temperature is related to the amount of air supplied when the fuel is vaporized. The adjustment of the boiler load is controlled by the adjustment of the feed amount. The flue gas after combustion enters the convective flue through the furnace to exchange heat, and then enters the dust collector for purification treatment, and finally discharges to complete the entire combustion and heat transfer process.

  3. Soot blowing system

  The boiler is equipped with a fully automatic soot blowing device, which can periodically purge the furnace and the pipe to ensure that no dust is formed on the surface of the pipe, thus achieving safe and efficient operation of the boiler.

  4. Smoke system

  The boiler air supply system is integrated with the burner, and the air is sent to the furnace through the blower through the blower to achieve the function of conveying fuel and supporting combustion.

  5. Air extraction and dust removal system

  Under the action of the induced draft fan, the high-temperature flue gas generated after the completion of the combustion passes through the convective heat transfer in the pipe to enter the dust collector for purification, and finally is discharged by the chimney through the induced draft fan.

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