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Essential auxiliary machine for biomass boiler--Dust collector

2019-04-04 17:34:32     Author:zgboiler

  The dust collector is one of the auxiliary equipment that must be equipped for the biomass boiler. The boiler dust collector refers to the equipment that separates dust from flue gas. Its function is to remove particulate fumes from boiler fuel and combustion exhaust gas, thus greatly reducing the amount of fumes discharged into the atmosphere, which is an important environmental protection equipment to improve environmental pollution and air quality.

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  Generally it includes three types: multi-tube cyclone dust collector, water scrubber dust collector and bag type dust collector.

  1. Multi-tube cyclone dust collector

  The principle of multi-tube cyclone dust collector is to make the dust-laden airflow rotate, to separate and capture the dust particles from the airflow by centrifugal force, and then to drop the dust particles into the hopper by gravity. Its advantage is handling large air capacity, strong load adaptability and PM emission after it will be less than 500mg/Nm3.

  2. Water scrubber dust collector

  The principle of water scrubber dust collector is that the dust-containing gas is introduced tangentially from the lower part of the cylinder, and the dust particles are separated by centrifugal force, thrown into the inner wall of the cylinder, absorbed by the water film flowing on the inner wall of the cylinder, and discharged with the water flow to the bottom cone through the dust outlet. It can deal with some dusty gases with high concentration. PM emission after it will be less than 300mg/Nm3.

  3. Bag type dust collector

  The principle of bag type dust collector is that dusty gas enters the ash hopper under the attraction of the induced draft fan and is evenly distributed to each filter bag after passing through the guide plate. Dust is intercepted on the outside surface of the filter bag, while gas passes through the filter bag and discharges through the back and outside of the air purification chamber. PM emission after it will be less than 50mg/Nm3.

  When customers need to purchase biomass boilers and other industrial boilers and power station boilers, they need to be equipped with suitable dust collectors according to local environmental policies. We have a professional team that can recommend suitable boilers and auxiliary equipment according to customer needs.

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