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4-30 Ton biomass solid pellets chain grate boiler

2019-04-29 18:18:48     Author:zgboiler

  ZBG szl series chain grate boiler has a capacity range of 4-30 ton per hour and can burn a variety of biomass fuels.

  The biomass solid pellets are generally a superior fuel when compared to their raw feedstock. The biomass pellets are more energy dense, and they are also easier to handle and use in automated feed systems. Many pellet take by-products (like a wood waste, palm shell, rice husk) and refine them into pencil-sized pellets that are uniform in size, shape, moisture, density and energy content.

4-30 Ton biomass solid pellets chain grate boiler

  Our chain grate boiler adopts the stage to send the wind, divide the grate into a few areas, separate from each other, namely into the wind chamber, through each wind chamber into the furnace discharge volume can be adjusted independently. The boiler can respectively adjust the air volume so as to achieve the best combustion effect. SZL series biomass boiler has a high efficiency of heating, reasonable water cycling, large water capacity, and spacious steam volume. The operating of the boiler is stable and has overload operating ability. Light chain belt type assembly grate is matched with speed device. What’s more, the usage of light chain grate realizes mechanical stoker, and blowing machines as well as induced draft fans are equipped so as to realize mechanical ventilation.

  The advantages of 4-30 Ton biomass solid pellets chain grate boiler

  1. Adopts water cooling combustion chamber, increase the radiant heating area, improve the output and thermal efficiency.

  2. Available to burn various biomass. It design can burn biomass fuels such as rice husk, wood, bagasse, straw, sawdust, sunflower shells, as well as low calorific value coal.

  3. Large heating surface design, ensuring high boiler output and efficiency

  4. Full set of control functionality, safe and stable and better operational safeguards

  5. Adopt light chain grate. It is easy to operate and convenient to maintain. That makes sure that the Fuel is burned fully.

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