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15 ton biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler

2019-03-25 17:46:57     Author:zgboiler

  ZBG 15 ton circulating fluidized bed(cfb) boiler adopts a new type of vortex internal separation circulating fluidized bed combustion technology which is developed jointly with Tsinghua University, it also has the characteristics of compact structure, neat appearance, and high thermal efficiency.

biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler

  15 ton circulating fluidized bed(cfb) boiler parameters:

  1. Rated evaporation 15t/h

  2. Rated steam pressure 1.05MPa

  3. Rated steam temperature 350℃

  4. Feed water temperature 104℃

  5. Cold air temperature 30℃

  6. Sewage rate 2%

  7. Design thermal efficiency 85.3%

  8. Boiler excess air ratio 1.4

  9. Fuel type biomass pellets

  10. the diameter of the Fuel particle should be no larger than 10mm, and the particle diameter which is less than 2mm can not be more than 30%.

  The boiler working principle:

  This boiler adopts the double drum horizontal type natural circulation water tube boiler structure, fuel in the hearth is sent by coal feeder, burn with air which is sent by equal pressure bellows, the flue gas produced by burning up into the horizontal cyclone separator, cyclone is composed by two membrane wall, in order to ensure reliable operation of the separator (because of the cooling effect of the membrane water wall).Fly ash in the flue gas is separated due to the inertia force, the material back into the furnace through the feed back path by loosening wind for re-burning, greatly improving combustion efficiency, and significantly reduce the wear of the rear of the heating surface. The flue gas that came out from cyclone separator separated again by the U-shaped flue, and flush superheater from down to up, then transverse flushing the convection bank, and finally into the tail of the heating surface. Both of iron economizer and air preheater are level layout, the flue gas passes through the air preheater, dust, draught fan and discharged from the chimney.

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