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types of biomass boiler

2019-02-12 17:59:34     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass boilers can be roughly classified into three categories.

  Commercial boilers: mainly used for domestic heating and hot water supply. Commercial boilers generally have a small capacity, less than 500KW

  Industrial boilers: used in industrial production processes of different companies, such as food plants, paper mills, rubber plants. Variety

  Power station boiler: It is one of the core equipment for power generation in power plants. Power station boilers are mostly large-capacity, high-parameter boilers. Such as 10 tons of 10 MPa rice husk biomass boiler.

types of biomass boiler

  We already know that biomass fuel is a fuel with many advantages. From fuel division, biomass boilers can be divided into several types.

  ZBG is a manufacturing and R&D base for industrial boilers and power station boilers with a production history of 74 years. It has made great achievements in the research and development and manufacture of biomass boilers. The biomass boiler produced by ZBG is suitable for a variety of biomass fuels:

  •   Rice husk straw biomass boiler
  •   Bagasse boiler
  •   Palm shell biomass boiler
  •   Wood chip biomass boiler
  •   Wood chip biomass boiler
  •   Biomass pellet boiler
  •   Peanut shell boiler
  •   Coconut shell biomass boiler
  •   Corncob biomass boiler

  Biomass pellet fuel is made from straw, rice straw, fuelwood, sawdust, peanut shell, melon seed shell, beet pulp, bark and other abandoned crops, crushed, mixed, extruded and other processes, and finally made into granular fuel. Its raw materials are widely distributed and advanced in processing technology, which is a clean energy source. As the fuel of the boiler, it has a long burning time, high temperature of the intensified combustion furnace, and is economical, and has no pollution to the environment. Zero CO emission, zero SO emission, renewable energy, recyclable, can replace coal and natural gas.

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