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biomass boiler price list

2019-02-19 18:02:38     Author:zgboiler

  The price of biomass boilers needs to take into account the quality of the boiler, the configuration of the auxiliary machine, the type of boiler, tonnage, basic parameters and other factors. The boiler is a system including a water supply system, a hot water system, a fuel supply system, a flue gas system, a sewage system, an electric control system, and other equipment in the boiler room (heat exchange station, circulation pump, decontamination unit, etc.), Flue gas purification system, slag discharge system, etc. SZL7-1.0/95/70-AII is a 7-ton double-drum chain grate boiler. Generally, the price will be around RMB 350,000.

biomass boiler price list

  The price of biomass boilers includes the price of the boiler body, the price of the boiler auxiliary machine, the price of the boiler installation, and the price of the power plant boiler package. Of course, the specific purchase situation should be determined according to the customer's requirements. The customer can choose the general package method, or can only purchase the boiler body + auxiliary machine.

  ZBG biomass boiler list:

  2-10 ton DZL series biomass boiler

  6-25 ton SZL series chain grate biomass boiler

  20-100 ton DHL series corner tube biomass boiler

  8-280 ton circulating fluidized bed biomass boiler

  10-75 ton biomass power plant boiler

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