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What is biomass fuel?

2018-10-10 14:36:29     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass fuel is a new type of clean energy. With the support of various policies, the use of biomass fuel is becoming more and more extensive. Biomass energy has been great developed with the characteristic of ubiquity, richness and renewability. Biomass energy not only stores solar energy, but is also a renewable carbon source that can be converted into conventional solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Currently, due to technical limitations, biomass boilers mainly use biomass pellets. There are many materials that can be used as biomass fuels, including agricultural and forestry waste, urban organic waste, and industrial production residues.

biomass fuel

  1. Agricultural and forestry waste

  The most used biomass fuel is currently used to make agricultural and forestry waste. Forest residues includes various orchards waste, forest branches, leaves, and wood waste. Agricultural residues include farmland waste such as rice husks, straws, peanut shells, sugarcane bagasse, and palm hulls. In the past, most of these wastes were burned or buried in the open air, causing pollution to the environment. The effective use of these agricultural and forestry wastes, such as boiler fuel, biomass cogeneration, etc., can produce significant economic benefits.

biomass fuel

  2. City garbage

  Urban wood and yard wastes are similar in nature to agricultural residues in many regards. The effective use of these pollutants can also generate great value.

  3. Industrial production residues

  In many manufacturing companies, a lot of biomass waste is also produced in the production process. Such as paper mills, textile mills, food factories, lumber mills, etc. These fuels can also be recycled and have a positive impact on energy conservation.

  Of course, there are other types of biomass fuels. The biomass boiler produced by ZG boiler can use various biomass fuels to produce steam or hot water to meet the needs of different enterprises.

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