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How to calculate biomass boiler cost

2018-09-28 17:01:19     Author:zgboiler

  The cost of biomass boilers is a factor that customers must consider when investing in biomass boiler projects. There are many aspects involved in the calculation of biomass boiler costs. Here are some factors that need to be considered.

  1. Early stage boiler input

  Biomass boilers need to know the initial cost of the boiler when calculating the cost. Before the biomass boiler is put into use, it is necessary to purchase the boiler and the auxiliary equipment accessories. The boiler also needs relevant personnel to install and test. The calculation of the initial investment of biomass boilers requires knowledge of the price of boilers and fittings, transportation costs of boilers, boiler installation testing, and boiler room inputs.

calculate biomass boiler cost

  2. Boiler operating costs

  Biomass boiler operating costs include: fuel costs, electricity costs, labor costs, boiler maintenance and repair costs.

  Biomass fuels in different regions are affected by different conditions such as access methods, transportation, policies, etc., and the price of fuel is different. When the boiler is in operation, the blower, the feeder, the water pump, the induced draft fan and other auxiliary machines need to consume electric energy, which is also a small investment. The boiler also needs a lot of water consumption during operation, and the water and sewage charges should also be calculated. The automation of the ZG boiler biomass boiler is high, which reduces the boiler workers. There are also boiler maintenance and repair costs. The ZG boiler biomass boiler operates reliably, is corrosion resistant, has a long service life and is easy to maintain.

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