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2-10 ton biomass fire tube boiler

ZBG 2-10 tons of biomass fire tube boiler, is a dzl series chain grate boiler, one of the star products of ZBG
Rated steam capacity: 2-10 T/H
Rated steam pressure: ≤1.6 MPa
Rated steam temperature: 194 ~ 204 °C
Applicable fuel: Wood, Rice Husk, Bagasse, Straw, Sawdust

Products introduction:

  ZBG provides different biomass boilers for customers. The dzl series is a single-drum fire tube boiler with a capacity range of 2-10 tons.

  1. Boiler composition

  2-10 ton DZL series boiler system include boiler body , economizer , primary instrument and valve ,forced and induced draft fan ,water feed pump , speed reducer ,control cabinet , feeder ,slag remover , dust remover ,chimney and steam distributor etc.

  2. Production standards

  DZL series biomass boiler can be produced according to GB (Chinese standard) and ASME standard, according to what standards are produced, we will arrange according to the requirements of customers.

  3. Biomass fire tube boiler working

  The biomass fuel is burned in a fire drum, and the flame enters the combustion chamber backwards. The smoke is directed to the smoke box in front of the furnace through the flue pipe, and then discharged from the chimney.

  ZBG 2-10 tons of biomass fire tube boilers are widely used in small and medium-sized factories, heating. If the customer needs 2-10 tons of biomass fire tube boiler, you can contact our customer service staff to get the quote information. If the customer has any questions about our other products, ZBG staff will be happy to help you.

Technical Parameters:

Model Rated steam capacity(T/H) Rated steam pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature( °C) Feed water temperature(°C) Fuel type
DZL4-1.25-T 4 1.25 194 20
Molded biomass pellet
DZL4-1.6-T 4 1.6 204 20
DZL6-1.25-T 6 1.25 194 20
DZL6-1.6-T 6 1.6 204 20

R & D background:

Biomass resources are widely distributed and suitable for local development and utilization. At present, the development of biomass energy combustion technology suitable for various industrial boilers will have positive significance for saving conventional energy and optimizing energy structure.

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