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Biomass power station boiler

ZG Biomass Power Plant Boiler can meet the needs of various enterprises for centralized heating, large-scale power generation, and cogeneration. Specifically, it includes two series of biomass corner tube power generation boilers and biomass circulating fluidized bed power generation boilers.
  • Rated steam capacity: 10-75 T/H
  • Rated steam pressure: ≤5.29 MPa
  • Rated steam temperature: 330 ~ 485 °C
  • Applicable fuel: Rice Husk, Straw, Wood Pellet, Bagasse

Products introduction:

Biomass resources have become an emerging energy source in the power generation industry due to their rich, renewable, carbon neutral and low cost. Biomass boilers are gradually making a splash in the power generation industry. Biomass power station boilers convert the chemical energy of biomass fuel into heat energy through combustion, and use the heat energy to heat the water into superheated steam with a certain pressure and temperature for use by the steam turbine.

The boiler capacity of ZG boiler Biomass Power Plant ranges from 10 to 75 tons. The boiler has good fuel adaptability and high thermal efficiency. ZG biomass corner tube power generation boiler adopts corner tube type and self-supporting structure, which subtly solves the boiler's expansion and support structure is simple and reliable. The boiler adopts a mixed combustion mode of “layer combustion + suspension combustion”, and the fuel is added to the furnace by spraying, and the combustion efficiency is high. The ZG biomass circulating fluidized bed power generation boiler has low emission of flue gas, and the ash contains low carbon content, which can realize the comprehensive utilization of fly ash. The problem of ash accumulation and slagging in biomass combustion and heat transfer brings some constants to the application of boilers. ZG biomass circulating fluidized bed power generation boilers avoid or solve this problem and can operate stably for a long time.

ZG biomass power boiler performance advantages:

1. Anti-slagging and anti-corrosion

Biomass fuel ash has a low melting point and is easy to slag. The furnace is burned at 750-850 °C, which effectively inhibits alkali metal slagging and corrosion.

2. High combustion efficiency

Unburned material is recycled to the furnace for re-combustion to maintain high combustion efficiency of the boiler

3. Low pollution emissions

Low temperature and staged combustion to suppress NOx formation

Technical Parameters:

Model Rated steam capacity(T/H) Rated steam pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature(°C) Feed water temperature(°C) Fuel type
ZG-30/3.82/330-T 30 3.82 330 105 Straw
rice husk
Palm shell
Peanut shells
ZG-45/3.82-T 45 3.82 450 105
ZG-45/4.1/350-T 45 4.1 350 105
ZG-75/3.82-T 75 3.82 450 150
ZG-75/5.29-T 75 5.29 485 150

R & D background:

Biomass resources are widely distributed and suitable for local development and utilization. At present, the development of biomass energy combustion technology suitable for various industrial boilers will have positive significance for saving conventional energy and optimizing energy structure.

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