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4 ton dzl series biomass chain grate boiler for Philippines palm oil mill

a 4 ton dzl series biomass chain grate boiler are used for Philippines palm oil mill

  Project address: Philippines

  product: 4 ton dzl series biomass chain grate boiler

  Application areas: palm oil mill

  The dzl series biomass steam boilers are fire tube boiler in which hot flue gases are inside the tubes and water is surrounding the tubes. Thermal efficiency up to 89% and higher because of an optimized heating surface and the optional supply of economizers. The wide boiler heating surfaces enable a better heat exchange. A bigger water volume gives to the boiler a better steam supply flexibility and stability of the steam pressure and water level.

4 ton dzl series biomass chain grate boiler for Philippines palm oil mill

  The features of 4 ton dzl series biomass chain grate boiler

  Rated steam capacity: 2-10 ton

  Fuel type: biomass pellets, palm shell, rice husk, bagasse

  Application: food factory, palm oil factory, sugar factory, paper and pulp mill, refinery, etc.

  Method of water circulation: natural circulation

  Furnace position: internally fired

  Boiler Mobility: Stationary(The boiler is fixed at one location and cannot be transported easily it is known as stationary boiler)

  Boiler main auxiliary machine and accessories

  Safety valves: The function of the valve is to blow off the steam when the pressure of the steam in the boiler exceeds the working pressure

  Water level Indicator: Its function is to indicate level of water, its upper and open in steam space and lower and opens to water space

  Pressure gauge: It is for indicating the pressure of steam in a boiler

  Steam stop valve: It stops or allows the flow of steam from the boiler to the steam pipe.

  Feed check valve: It allows or stops the supply of water to the boiler

  Blow off cock: It is for removal of sediment periodically collected at the bottom of the boiler

  Man hole: It is provided in opening from which a man can enter in a boiler for cleaning

  Fusible plug: Its function is to extinguish fire in the furnace of a boiler when the water level in the boiler fails to an unsafe extent thereby preventing the explosion which may takes place furnace plate

  Economizers: Using economizer some of the heat recovered

  Air pre-heaters: Air pre-heaters is installed between the economizer and the chimney and it abstracts heat from the five gases and transfers to air a portion of the heat that otherwise could pass up the chimney to waste.

  Super heaters: Steam consumption is reduced with the use of superheated super heater heats the steam produced also production in condensation losses takes place.

  Feed pumps: It is used to pump the water from storage to boiler.

Dust collector: The boiler dust collector refers to the equipment that separates dust from flue gas. It is to remove particulate fumes from boiler fuel and combustion exhaust gas

  Injectors: It is also used to pump the water with for to the boiler.
4 ton dzl series biomass chain grate boiler

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