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25 ton biomass boiler in Australia

In January, ZBG signed a contract with an Australian customer to provide a 25-ton biomass boiler.

  Project address: Australia

  product: 25 ton szl series chain grate biomass boiler

  Application areas: industrial mill

  A 25 ton biomass boiler produced by ZBG was shipped to Australia. This project was signed with customers in January of this year. ZBG's R & D department, production, quality inspection departments, project departments and other departments have collaborated to carry out a series of works, such as design, testing, manufacture, control, etc., which guarantee the fast delivery of products.

  The 25 ton biomass boiler has several advantages:

  Biomass has many forms (logs, chips, pellets, granules). It is a natural resource that is almost inexhaustible and renewable.

  The boiler thermal efficiency is between 85% and 90%, and the energy efficiency is high.

  It has a low CO2 emission rate.

  Low boiler pollution emissions.

  The biomass boiler ZBG has good fuel adaptability, low initial concentration, simple feeding system, save money, apply to wood pellet, wood logs, wood chips, rice husk, straw, biomass pellets.

  For this boiler, stressing that its manufacturing process must meet ASME standards, while our company has managed the project's cooperation with its strong core technology, its first-class product quality and its perfect service system. In the next phase of the project, ZBG will continue to closely monitor equipment commissioning and production, meet customer value-added production needs, and help them create exceptional value.

  ZBG provides various types boiler suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications. Our customers can always find what they need for their heating, industrial production or electricity projects.

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