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2 sets 4 ton biomass boilers in Vietnam

ZBG 4 ton szl series biomass boiler has the advantages of large heating surface, sufficient output and high thermal efficiency, and is highly praised by Vietnamese customers.

  Project address: Vietnam

  product: 4 ton szl series biomass boiler

  Application areas: paper factory

  Enterprises are buying boilers, and these aspects also need to pay close attention to the number of boilers. It is necessary to consider that there is a backup solution when the boiler fails or the boiler is being repaired. The cleaning does not affect the production operation of the enterprise, and customers often purchase multiple boilers. When customers have different needs for steam or hot water at different times and in different seasons, customers will purchase more than one boiler. If heating, generally choose 2 sets or more boilers.

4 ton szl biomass boilers in Vietnam

  This time, Vietnamese customers purchased two biomass boilers from ZBG for production. The cost of these two low-parameter boilers is low, and the customer can determine the boiler's activation and load regulation according to actual needs. Both boilers are szl series biomass steam boilers produced by ZBG. SZL series biomass boilers has the characteristics of big heating surface, high thermal efficiency, little fuel leakage, separate air chamber, sufficient burning, variable frequency control.

  The hearth is designed with a cyclone re burning chamber, and high temperature fume achieves the effects of primary bedusting energy conservation and environmental protection. The Boiler achieves the interlock protection of water supply, feeding, grate running, slag removal, overpressure, high & low water level, ensure the safe operation of the boiler, and equipped with overpressure alarm and water level automatic adjustment.

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