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15 tph wood pellet-fired biomass boiler for food plant

ZBG provided a 15 t/h szl series wood-pellet fired biomass steam boiler for a food plant

  Project address: Lebanon

  product: 15 tph szl wood pellet-fired biomass boiler

  Application areas: food plant

  This food factory is a well-known agricultural industrialization key enterprise in Lebanon. In order to meet the growing market demand, the food factory has added dozens of production lines and gradually established a complete meat processing and transportation base. Steam boilers are important power equipment on the production line, and the foods has strict standards for its purchase. The normal operation of large food processing production lines is inseparable from the steam boiler that provides power. The boiler delivers high-temperature steam through pipelines to the processing of distillation, disinfection, sterilization, etc. It can be said that the quality of steam will directly determine the quality of the product. This time, ZBG provided a 15 t/h szl series biomass steam boiler.

15 tph wood pellet-fired biomass boiler for food plant

  15 tph szl series wood pellet-fired biomass boiler

  The szl series wood-pellets biomass boiler utilizes a stoker water-tube type boiler design and includes a chain grate furnace section and part-time supplemental fuel source to even out full combustion. Fuel enters the boiler through screw metering bins with variable speed control. It is maintained on the chain grate. A drag-chain conveyor with a trough is used for ash removal. The fuel is combusted with air over the grate. Radiant heat is transferred to the water-tube sections.

15 tph szl series wood pellet-fired biomass boiler

  The boiler is fast-loaded, easy to transport and on-site installation, greatly shortening the construction period, saving installation costs, and enabling the boiler to be put into production in time. The boiler heating surface is arranged reasonably, and the water circulation is smooth, ensuring timely cooling of each heated surface, thereby effectively ensuring the safe operation of the boiler. Under the combination of secondary air and reasonable furnace design, the fuel can be fully burned, which can eliminate black smoke better. The boiler grate adopts double-sided ventilation, and the grate is naturally brought to the front end cleaning technology, which avoids problems such as air leakage, fuel leakage and uneven ventilation, and is easy to operate, and has obvious advantages compared with the ordinary grate.

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