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15 ton biomass boiler for palm oil factory

ZG boiler 15 ton palm-shell biomass boiler is used in a palm oil plant to recover palm-shell biomass fuel for steam production in palm oil production.

Project site: Malaysia
Product: 15 ton szl series biomass steam boiler
Application:  palm oil factory

  As mentioned above, the ZG boiler palm-shell biomass boiler has many advantages. ZG boiler biomass boilers have been exported to other countries and regions for multiple applications. A 15-ton palm-shell biomass boiler produced by ZG boiler was re-exported to a Malaysia palm oil plant.

  In palm oil plants, palm oil is extracted from palm fruit by various machines. In the process, a large amount of waste is generally produced, including empty fruit bunches, palm shells, and peel fibers. These materials can be used as fuel in biomass power generation boilers to generate power for steam turbines. It can also be used in biomass boilers to generate steam and power for other processes such as palm oil refining.

15 ton palm oil factory biomass boiler

  The ZG boiler 15 ton palm-shell biomass boiler is mainly used to recover these biomass fuels to provide steam for the palm oil production process. The boiler is a ZG boiler szl series double-drum biomass boiler with a double-drum vertical arrangement. In order to better burn the biomass fuel such as palm shell, the length of the boiler grate is lengthened, and the burning time of the fuel in the furnace is prolonged, and Separate air chambers are arranged along the grate to adjust the air volume to achieve the best combustion effect. Such a palm-shell biomass boiler is used in an oil plant, which can recycle waste, reduce pollution and waste of resources, and replace coal, natural gas and other energy sources to reduce costs, thereby generating greater benefits for enterprises.

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