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15 ton biomass boilers in Vietnam

Due to its unique economic situation, Vietnam began to vigorously promote the promotion of biomass fuel. The highly efficient and environmentally friendly biomass boilers produced by ZBG are favored by Vietnamese customers for their multiple advantages.

  Project address: Vietnam

  product: 15 ton szl series chain grate biomass boiler

  Application areas: food factory

  The rapid development of biomass boilers has become a trend, and the technical level of biomass boilers continues to increase. ZBG keeps up with the trend of the times and continuously introduces 2-150 tons of biomass boilers for different industries. And exported to home and abroad, such as Vietnam, Australia, Mexico, Russia and other countries.

  In view of increasing oil prices, biomass has been emerging as an important alternative energy source in Asia. Many of the biomass fuel in Vietnam are not only available, but also currently represent a threat to the environment. Rice husk, rice straw, coconut pith, sugar cane bagasse and coffee waste, these waste flows are currently not being dealt with in an environmentally sound manner. Under such circumstances, Vietnam has gradually promoted biomass fuels for industrial boilers to replace fossil fuels.

15 ton biomass boilers in Vietnam

  ZBG exported a 15-ton szl series biomass boiler to Vietnam to make a modest contribution to local economic development. We design double side air inlet and independent air plenum. And at the exit of furnace we set up a smoke separation device by inertia, which makes the original discharging dust concentration lower than 1800mg/Nm3. Our efficient dust collector makes sure the dust removal efficiency up to 90% and SOx and NOx removal efficiency up to 98%. This boiler adopts a variety of advanced technologies to achieve high efficiency and environmental protection.

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