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15 ton biomass steam boiler for paper mill

Many processes in the papermaking process require industrial steam boilers to provide a large amount of energy. Our company cooperated with a papermaking company in Indonesia to sign a 15-ton szl series biomass steam boiler.

  Project address: Indonesia

  product: 15 ton szl series chain grate biomass boiler

  Application areas: paper mill

  Pulping, preparation, papermaking and post-processing in the papermaking process are all inseparable from the help of industrial steam boilers. According to ZBG's cooperation experience with various enterprises in the paper industry for many years, most paper mills use steam boilers. Industrial steam boilers are required to provide a large amount of energy for the cooking of the separated fibers in the papermaking process, as well as subsequent washing, bleaching, and concentration steps.

  1. 15 ton biomass steam boiler for paper mill

  Model: SZL15-1.25

  Rated steam capacity: 15t/h

  Rated steam pressure: 1.25MPa

  Rated steam temperature: 194 ℃

  Feed water temperature: 105℃

  Design fuel: biomass pellets

  2. 15 ton szl series boiler advantages

  ZBG SZL series packaged water-tube boilers utilize double cylinder vertical structure, composed of a main boiler frame, rear cast-iron fuel economizer, flues, auxiliary boiler, and pipeline valve instruments. The structure is compact, simple to install, ensuring boiler operation is highly efficient, clean, economical, safe, and stable, providing energy conserving and environmentally friendly thermal power equipment for ease of user production.

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