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paper factory biomass boiler

2018-10-15 20:09:09     Author:zgboiler

  The development of the paper industry has increased the demand for steam boilers. At the same time, the paper industry generates a large amount of wood waste, paper rejects, pulp rejects and pulp sludge, which promotes the production of boilers that can utilize these waste materials. With the increase of environmental protection, the development of clean and low-pollution energy equipment and biomass boilers is rapid. Because paper mills are more polluted by the environment, the supervision of paper mills has increased. The paper mill biomass boilers have a growing market share in the paper mill boiler market due to their clean burning and low pollution emissions.

paper factory biomass boiler

  In papermaking equipment, steam boilers are indispensable power equipment, heat transfer equipment. In the papermaking process, many production processes require heat, or steam with heat. Such as pulping, cooking and separating fibers, drying and other processes require steam, as well as chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, etc., which require heating by steam.

  wood waste Paper Mill Biomass Boiler Type:

  1. Fast assembly biomass boiler


  model: dzl series, szl series

  The fast-assembling biomass boiler adopts the chain grate combustion method. The boiler system is simple, easy to operate and convenient to install, and is favored by many paper mill boilers.

  2. corner tube chain grate biomass boiler


  model: dhl series

  The paper mill has high thermal efficiency, wide load regulation range, safe and reliable operation, and long-term trouble-free operation.

  3. Circulating fluidized bed boiler


  model: shx series, dhx series

  The thermal energy equipment using the circulating fluidized bed combustion technology is not easy to slag after the fuel is burned out, and reduces the generation of harmful gases such as NOx and SOx, and is an efficient and environmentally friendly thermal energy device.

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