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palm shell biomass boiler for palm oil mill

2019-01-31 15:28:35     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass fuel found in palm oil mill is a by-product such as palm shell, fiber, and empty fruit bunches. The materials have been traditionally used as solid fuels for biomass boilers in palm oil mills. The steam generated is used to run turbines for electricity production, as well as a heat source for boiling and processing. The processing of palm oil require the consumption of a large amount of electrical energy. The greater the production capacity, the complexity of processes and automation, the consumption of electrical energy in need is higher. Most palm oil mills are self-sufficient in terms of energy by making use of kernel shells and fibers in cogeneration.

palm shell biomass boiler for palm oil mill

  ZBG palm shell biomass boilers are suitable for all kinds of biomass fuels, such as charcoals, biomass pellets, wood pellets, wood chips, wood shavings, sawdust, wood waste, wood residues, rice husks, rice stalks, straws, corncobs, cornstalks, bagasses, peanuts shell, coconuts shell, walnuts shells, palm shell, grain shell, olive residues, leaves, barks, crop wastes, etc.

palm shell biomass boiler

  1. DZL series biomass boiler

  DZL series biomass boiler equipped with economizer, control cabinet, cooling system, induced draft fan and forced draft Fan, etc.

  2. SZL series chain grate boiler

  SZL series boiler is low pressure horizontal double drums water tube automatic chain grate boilers are with the structure of double drums, horizontal, water tube, automatic chain grate, water cooling arch, cyclone combustion chamber. The higher combustion space formed by two drums are good for the combustion of fuels, and the cyclone combustion chamber are good for fuel to burn out, increasing boiler efficiency greatly.

  3. DHL series corner tube chain grate boiler

  The boiler has the characteristics of high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low operating costs, high safety level.

  4. biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler

  Palm shell biomass fired circulating fluidized bed boiler is a new generation. The boiler inherits the original technology advantages, at the same time, makes big breakthrough on the technology of cyclone fluidized combustion, vortex separation structure & parametric design, and loop seal.

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