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palm shell boiler in Southeast Asia

2019-04-22 17:22:57     Author:zgboiler

  In general, there are a large number of palm shells in Southeast Asia, where customers choose palm shells as fuel in the boiler to effectively avoid waste of resources and create value. Palm oil mills in Southeast Asian countries such as including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam. palm oil mills significantly produce enormous amounts of palm shell. In Southeast Asia, the palm shell has been considered as a clean and economical biomass fuel, which was almost used in the industrial boilers and power plant boiler.

  Palm shell is a kind of light and high moisture fiber fuel. In order to ensure the rapid and good combustion of palm shell, it is necessary to crush the palm shell into granules and put it into the furnace through the feeder for combustion.

palm shell boiler in Southeast Asia

  Compared with ordinary biomass boilers, palm shell boilers should be designed with wide and high furnace structure, elevate the position of inlet and outlet, adopt high inclined reciprocating grate for combustion, improve air distribution mode, and adjust combustion temperature by mixing cold and hot air. This can ensure that the palm shell is completely burned out, so that the heat generated by combustion can be timely distributed and absorbed by the boiler, so that the ash generated by combustion can be cooled in time, thus avoiding the burning coking of palm shell with lower ash melting point.

  Generally, the SZL double drum type is used for palm shell boilers below 25t/h. If the steam capacity is greater than 25t/h and lower than 75t/h, the DHL corner tube boiler will be considered.

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