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Biomass power plant boiler

2019-01-28 18:38:09     Author:zgboiler

  1. Biomass power plant boiler types

Biomass power plant boiler

  Szl chain grate boiler

  Corner tube chain grate power plant boiler

  Biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler

  Biomass boiler can be widely used for large, utility-scale biomass-to-energy plants, as well as biomass cogeneration and distributed generation plants that can fulfill a significant portion of a facility's energy needs, reducing energy costs, water consumption and air emissions.

  2. Biomass boiler work in power plant

  A biomass-fired power plant produces electricity and heat by burning biomass fuel in boilers. Wood chips, rice husk, straw, palm shell, bagasse, residues and various types of biomass pellets are used in the boilers. In the boiler, water is heated The high temperature and pressure steam drives the turbine rotor to turn at a high speed. The generator and the turbine is connected via a coupling. The electricity produced by the generator is transmitted into the power grid By certain voltage through the transformer.

Biomass power plant boiler

  3. biomass power plant development

  The current situation, the fuel source apparently is the most severe problem for almost all power On one hand the fuel quality has the most impact of continuous production, on the other hand, the fuel price influence the profit directly.

  Customers are buying biomass boilers. They must be considered more for the factors. The fuel source, price, combustion effect, fuel storage and other factors must be considered.

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