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Biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler for paper industry

2019-04-30 17:37:36     Author:zgboiler

  Industrial steam boilers can provide steam for the production of industrial processes for different companies as heat carriers for heating, disinfecting, evaporating or drying equipment. For paper mills, the thermal energy of electricity or steam is generally used to satisfy its power supply. Large and medium-sized paper mills generally purchase circulating fluidized bed boilers to produce superheated steam for power generation.

Biomass circulating fluidized bed boiler for paper industry

  Circulating fluidized bed CFBC boiler consists of a boiler and a high-temperature cyclone. The intra-furnace gas velocity is as high as 4 to 8 m/s. A coarse fluidizing medium and char in the flue gas are collected by the high-temperature cyclone and recycled to the boiler. Recycling maintains the bed height and increases the denitration efficiency. To increase the thermal efficiency, a pre-heater for the fluidizing air and combustion air, and a boiler feed water heater, are installed.

  The features of paper mill cfb boiler

  1. ZBG circulating fluidized bed boilers have unmatched fuel flexibility, high efficiency, and the ability to burn a wide range of fuels, including fuels which are difficult to burn. The diversity of fuels ranges from conventional (coal) and biomass to alternative (biogenous residues, sludge, rejects, and refuse-derived waste fractions with high calorific value).

  2. Another main advantage of a CFBC boiler is the low emissions of NOx and SO2. The combustion temperature of a CFBC boiler (800–900ºC), which results in a considerably reduced NOx formation. The majority of SO2 formed during coal combustion is captured by limestone that is injected into the furnace.

  3. Reasonably allocates the ratio of primary and secondary air, ensures that the primary air volume is higher than the lowest fluidized air-flow, which ensures the furnace fuel is fully fluidized.

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