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biomass boiler used in pulp and paper industry

2019-03-29 17:45:10     Author:zgboiler

  Paper and pulp mills can generate large amounts of biomass energy as boiler fuel. Pulp mills are ideal sites for producing renewable power for several reasons. They have facilities to receive and process enormous amounts of biomass feedstock in various forms: chips, hog fuel, saw dust, and even logs. Some mills even process agricultural waste. Most of the biomass for boilers comes from mill residues. Mill residues are waste wood from manufacturing operations that include sawmills, pulp and paper companies, and other millwork companies involved in producing lumber, pulp, veneers, and other composite wood fiber materials.

biomass boiler

  Pulp mills require large volumes of moderate and low pressure process steam to produce the high value pulp and paper products. This steam requirement allows for construction of large combined heat and power facilities which is well known to be an efficient and economical technology to produce power from biomass fuels. In a pulp and paper mill the energy from burning biomass does double duty; provides renewable energy and drives the production of the pulp and paper products.

pulp and paper industry

  On the one hand, paper mills use biomass boilers to recycle renewable energy generated by paper mills and save energy costs. On the other hand, biomass boilers are environmentally friendly boilers with limited environmental impact. The biomass boilers produced by ZBG include chain grate boilers and circulating fluidized bed boilers, which are widely used in paper mills, pulp mills, food factories, textile printing and dyeing industries, and cogeneration. If you need to buy paper mills and pulp mill boilers, you can always contact us. We have a professional service team that can provide you with free quotes, boiler design and other services.

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