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biomass boilers in the pharmaceutical industry

2019-05-06 18:12:43     Author:zgboiler
   Compared with other industries, the requirements of steam system in pharmaceutical factory is relatively high, the enterprises energy consumption proportion is relatively large. In order to achieve energy-saving emission reduction targets and reduce business operating costs, biomass boilers are good choice.

  All equipment is thoroughly cleaned, prepared, and validated to prevent any contaminants from entering the production cycle. Most ingredients are prepared by chemical synthesis, a method whereby primary ingredients undergo a complex series of processes, including many intermediate stages and chemical reactions in a step-by-step fashion. After the bulk materials are prepared, they are converted into a final usable form. Common forms include tablets, pills, liquids, creams, and ointments. Equipment used in this final stage is prepared in the same manner as that involved in the bulk preparation process. In these processes, a large amount of high temperature steam is consumed.

biomass boilers in the pharmaceutical industry

  Low-temperature corrosion often causes failures of cold-end parts (economizers, air pre-heaters, and fire tubes of hot water boilers) in biomass boilers. The most relevant mechanisms causing low-temperature corrosion are condensation of acids and hygroscopic salts in the deposits on heat-exchanger surfaces. ZBG biomass boiler overcomes problems such as corrosion and slagging, can adapt to a variety of fuels, and has low pollution emissions and low operating costs. It is widely used in pharmaceutical companies, paper mills, food plants, and power generation industries.

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