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Biomass boiler in Southeast Asia market

2019-05-07 17:55:39     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass boilers are highly competitive in the Southeast Asian market, the biggest reason being the convenience of fuel supply. Palm-shell boilers, bagasse boilers, wood boilers, and rice-husk boilers play an important role in the Southeast Asian boiler market.

Biomass boiler in Southeast Asia market

  Biomass resources being used in Southeast Asian countries are mainly residues from forests, wood processing, agricultural crops and agricultural products processing. Southeast Asia is a large producer of agricultural and wood products that produce large amounts of biomass waste during industrial processes. According to conservative estimates, biomass waste from sugar, rice milling and palm oil plants exceeds 2-230 million tons per year, equivalent to 16-19 GW of cogeneration potential. Sugar mills in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam produce 34 million tons of slag per year. Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand account for 90% of global palm oil production, resulting in 27 million tons of waste per year, including empty fruit bunches (EFBs), fibres, shells and waste. Woody biomass is a good source of energy and is abundant in forests in Southeast Asia. In addition to natural forests, different types of non-industrial plantations (such as coconut, rubber and oil palm plantations, orchards, homes and garden trees) are important sources of biomass.

  The division of the biomass boiler market on the source of type of use extends rice mill, sugar factory, power generation, saw mill Industry, brewery industry, pulp & paper industry, CHP production, and the others.

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