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biomass boiler in Malaysia

2019-05-14 18:11:57     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass fuels hold great promise to be used in different industrial applications as an abundant resource in Malaysia, especially from empty fruit bunches since Malaysia is one of the world’s top producers of oil palm. Fuel has a large impact on the application of boilers. The abundance of biomass fuels in Malaysia also promotes the wide application of various biomass boilers.

biomass boiler in Malaysia

  Biomass in Malaysia contributes about 14% of the approximately 340 million bar-rels of oil equivalent (boe) of energy used every year. There are five major sectors that contribute wastes to the biomass energy in Malaysia: forestry (wood products), rubber cultivation, cocoa cultivation, sugar cane cultivation and oil palm cultivation. Mostly the palm oil mills in Malaysia use palm fiber and shell (by product of oil palm milling) as the boiler fuel to produce steam and electricity for palm oil production processes. This palm shell biomass boiler can supply enough electricity to meet the energy demand of a palm oil mill.

biomass boiler

  Biomass boiler has been part of daily life in Malaysia where it will be used for different purposes such as production, palm oil mills, power plants, chemical plants and others. The biomass oiler converts the chemical energy in the fuel via combustion into thermal energy, which will be used to boil water in the steam drum continuously until steam or hot water produced. Our biomass boiler design fulfill the thermodynamics, heat transfer and environmental requirements in order to save cost and prevent pollution. Biomass boilers preferred nowadays especially in the power generation industries since the availability, cost and environmental effect are better compared to the coal, oil and gas fired boilers.

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