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Biomass boiler for textile industries

2019-01-25 18:15:29     Author:zgboiler

  When choosing a steam boiler product, the textile mill should check the boiler quality, thermal efficiency, pollutant discharge and other aspects to purchase the boiler products that are most suitable for their own enterprises, and push the textile factories to a virtuous cycle.

  1. 2-10 ton DZL series biomass boiler

Biomass boiler for textile industries

  The DZL new design water-fire tube boiler is a new energy-saving product developed by ZBG. The boiler adopts high-efficiency threaded pipe design, reasonable flue gas flow rate, new arch design, large-area combustion chamber, full fuel combustion, high thermal efficiency

  2. 6-25 ton szl series chain grate boiler

  Convective heat-exchange surface design makes high heat transfer rate. Reasonable water circulating system, lager water content and steam space ensures good steam quality. SZL series biomass boiler adopts

  3. 20-100 ton corner tube chain grate boilers

  This is a boiler that is carefully developed to burn biomass materials such as palm shell, rice husk, straw, bagasse, etc. It uses a number of patented technologies and is a patented product. The boiler furnace is a fully enclosed membrane wall structure, the convective heat absorbing surface adopts the flag tube structure.

  4. Cfb biomass boilers

  ZBG CFB biomass boiler is capable of combusting a broad range of different biomass fuels, including wood biomass and other agriculture biomass. further, advanced technology enables the biomass fired boilers to obtain high efficiencies with emissions far below the limits.

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