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Biomass boiler for palm oil factory

2018-11-09 18:21:28     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass boilers consume a lot of biomass fuel during operation, which requires a certain amount of space to store fuel. However, in the palm oil plant, a large amount of waste generated in the palm oil production process can be used as fuel for biomass boiler, which can save space and re-use waste, and bring economic benefits to the enterprise.

dzl Biomass boiler for palm oil factory

  Palm oil is an important component of the world oil market. In the palm oil plant production, a large amount of solid waste is produced, including empty fruit bunch (EFB), palm kernel shell, peel fiber and solid particles that may be separated from the decanter. These wastes can be used as fuel for biomass boilers.

szl Biomass boiler for palm oil factory

  In addition, some palm oil companies will purchase shaped straw and rice husk biomass fuel for boiler operation. The characteristics of biomass fuel itself, together with the high-tech biomass boiler of ZBG, bring high economic and environmental benefits to palm oil enterprises. The extensive application page of biomass boilers in palm oil fields shows the customer's recognition of biomass boilers.

  ZBG produces a variety of biomass boilers that can be used in palm oil plants, and is continuously exported to other countries and regions, contributing to the promotion of local biomass resources

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