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Biomass boiler for central heating

2018-10-10 14:42:32     Author:zgboiler

  The improvement of the heating system has enabled human society to overcome the cold winter. The core equipment of the heating system is heating boiler. Biomass heating boilers produce heat-bearing steam or hot water by burning biomass fuel, and then supply it to a city (town) or part of the area for heating through a pipe network.

Biomass boiler for central heating

  Most of the ZG boiler central heating biomass boilers use fluidized bed boilers and corner tube biomass boilers. Central heating requires large-capacity boilers because of the large area required for heating. Heating boilers are not just hot water boilers, and biomass cogeneration is becoming a trend. Biomass steam boiler can generate electricity, then configure the heat exchanger while performing district heating.

  The ZG boiler fluidized bed heating boiler adopts the steady state design + fluid state reconstruction, and the boiler heating surface is zero wear, and the annual running time can reach more than 8000 hours. Efficient in-furnace desulfurization and denitration technology, low-temperature and low-nitrogen staged combustion technology to reduce sulfide and nitride emissions. ZG boiler corner tube biomass heating boiler adopts full membrane wall structure, good sealing performance, low heat loss and heat loss, and large load adjustment range.

biomass corner tube heating boiler

  Biomass boilers used in central heating have had a certain impact on the coal-fired heating boiler market, but today, the energy-saving and environmental protection calls are getting stronger and stronger, and the advantages of biomass boilers are highlighted. Of course, biomass boilers still have a long way to go. ZG boiler is still improving the performance of biomass

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