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Biomass boiler for power generation

2018-10-23 18:18:54     Author:zgboiler

  Nowadays, many countries and regions are vigorously developing the application of biomass boilers, biomass power generation and biomass cogeneration. For example, the UK biomass subsidy, China biomass boiler use subsidies. This has greatly facilitated the use of biomass power generation boilers.

szl Biomass boiler for power generation

  Because superheated steam is more efficient when used for work, and the superheated steam does not condense into water immediately, and water droplets can cause erosion and damage to the turbine. These properties of superheated steam result in the use of superheated steam for power generation. The biomass power generation boiler produced by ZBG produces superheated steam with a large amount of heat, which is used to promote the work of the steam turbine.

cfb Biomass boiler for power generation

  Biomass power generation boiler produced by ZBG:

  The fast-assembled biomass power generation boilers produced by ZBG are mostly used in small enterprises' self-supplied power stations. Other types of biomass boilers can be used in self-supplied power stations in different enterprises, as well as in thermal power plants. The capacity of biomass power generation boilers has a certain relationship with the power generation capacity of the unit. Customers can refer to the selection of biomass boilers.

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