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20 tph rice husk/straw boiler for power generation

2019-05-23 17:54:56     Author:zgboiler

  Biomass power generation is one of the important ways of biomass utilization. Large cities in Sweden and Denmark use biomass to provide district heating for heat and electricity. Compared with fossil fuels, biomass has advantages such as renewability and low pollution (SOx, NOx emission concentration). The 20 ton rice husk straw power generation boiler produced by ZBG has been used in many industries at home and abroad.

20 tph rice husk/straw boiler for power generation

  In many countries, various biomass fuels such as corn, wheat, straw, rice husks, and wood are abundant. According to statistics, global biomass energy accounts for 35% of renewable energy resources. Ranked first among renewable resources. In Vietnam, India, Pakistan, China, biomass production (mainly crop straw) is very large, while the utilization rate in the year is relatively low, and the utilization potential of biomass energy is still very large.

20 tph rice husk/straw boiler cfb power plant boiler

  The burning temperature of the rice husk is about 300-400 °C, the volatile content is high, the volatile matter is precipitated and the fire is rapid, and the combustion is mainly concentrated in the gas phase combustion of the volatile matter, and the burning performance of the fixed carbon is obtained. The ash content of rice husk is mainly silica, the content of silica in ash can reach more than 90%, and the ash particles formed are hard. Therefore, during the transportation of rice husk and the ash transportation after combustion, The wear on the pipe wall is strong, and the heat-receiving surface in the furnace and the tail flue should focus on the wear-proof problem.

  Our 20 ton rice husk cfb power generation boiler has a reasonable organization of combustion system, including air distribution plate, furnace structure, primary and secondary air ratio, ensuring reasonable heat release and heat exchange conditions, the furnace temperature is uniform and maintained at around 850 °C. The boiler can meet the needs of burning rice husks. In the area where the heated surface is washed seriously, the key anti-wear is carried out to improve the reliability of the boiler. The design and calculation of the heating surfaces of the furnace and the tail are carried out reasonably, and the boiler adopts an effective soot blowing device. The flue gas emissions after rice husk combustion meet the national environmental standards. The ash after burning rice husk can be comprehensively utilized.

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