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biomass fire tube boiler system

2019-02-28 17:45:10     Author:zgboiler

  The biomass fire tube boiler produced by ZBG is a three-return fast package boiler, which is a dzl series product. The boiler consists of a drum and a water-cooled wall on both sides to form a furnace and a convection flue. The front smoke chamber consists of 4 shed tubes and front tube plate. A thread convection pipe is installed inside the drum. The chain grate supports the entire furnace body in the lower part of the water cooling system and becomes a package boiler.

biomass fire tube boiler system

  DZL series biomass fire tube boiler system:

  1. Water cooling system

  The water cooling system consists of 3 natural circulation hoops. We install water cooling tubes at both sides of front tube plate to make convection smoke pass to absorb the heat. There are continuous blow down tank and periodical blow down tank in the drum and periodical blown down tank in the headers at two sides. The feed water and smoke have counter cross layout.

  2. Combustion System

  Combustion system include coal hopper, chain grate and gear box. The part under grate is divided into 5 independent air chambers , air distribution is made according to the situation of combustion. Coal hopper and coal gate are set in front of furnace to adjust the thickness of coal layer which is transported to chain grate, speed of chain grate is controlled by gear box.

  3. Control System

  Control instruments include water feed & water level alarm, low water level interlock protection, overpressure alarm &interlock protection etc. The control bin can be set according the personal need of customers.

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