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biomass chain grate boiler

2019-03-12 17:41:31     Author:zgboiler

  The chain grate boiler is a very mature furnace type, which is easy to operate and easy to master. The chain grate boiler belongs to the layer-fired boiler, and the coal enters the grate through the coal hopper, moves with the grate, and completes combustion at the same time.

biomass chain grate boiler

  1. SZL series biomass chain grate boilers

  SZL series biomass chain grate boilers with high efficiency, strong overload capacity and various fuel adaptability (biomass pallet or coal), have reached the world's advanced level. The boiler is mainly composed of upper and lower drums, convection tubes, water-cooling wall tubes, down pipes and headers. The upper and lower drums are arranged longitudinally and with belt type chain grate as its combustion equipment and non-polar speed-changing device drivers. SZL series biomass chain grate boilers’ proper is composed of upper and lower longitudinal drums and convection tubes. With the arrangement of the Φ51*3 pipes in the combustion chamber as the water-cooling wall, water-steam separation device and continuous sewage device in the upper drum and periodical sewage device in the lower drum for assure steam quality. Equipped continuous automatic feeding water device for making sure that the boiler can be safely operated. The economizer is laid at the end of the boiler.

  2. dzl series chain grate boiler

  This series boilers adopt new technologies of arch pipe and plate abnormal shaped flue and helix smog pipe, and the they are safe and reliable in operation and convenient for transportation and installation. DZL series chain grate boiler is horizontal single drum water fire tube chain grate package boilers, with the evaporation capacity of 2-10 t/h and working pressure of 1.0, 1.25, 1.6 MPa. The boiler body is singly boiler cylinder portrait type, the length of boiler cylinder and chain grate are extended. There is air pre-heater at the rear part, the combustion device uses center flexible grate, equipped with bigger blower and induced draft fan.

  3. DHL series biomass chain grate boiler

  The drum is external, the furnace is a fully enclosed membrane wall structure, the convective heating surface adopts a gas surface tube structure, no steel frame, the water cycle is unique and safe, and the startup is rapid. The boiler is designed as a double-layer arrangement, or it can be arranged in one layer. It can be used on two vertical coal pulverizers for coal alone and for coal mining. The boiler body adopts lower support, suspended ceiling, heat-resistant concrete light furnace wall and furnace top. It is loaded by eight columns. The boiler working fluid is treated soft water. The design return water temperature is 70 °C, the outlet water temperature is 130 °C, and the water can also be returned. The temperature was 90 ° C and the outlet temperature was 150 ° C.

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