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how much bagasse required for 1 ton steam generation

2019-02-14 17:54:06     Author:zgboiler

  First we need to know how much heat is needed to produce 1 ton of steam. The fuel burns and releases heat. Through the boiler equipment, heat is transferred to the medium water. The water absorbs heat and changes in physical properties. The low-temperature water turns into high-temperature water and then vaporizes into steam. It needs to absorb about 600,000 calories to complete the process. Natural gas quality.

how much bagasse required for 1 ton steam generation

  If the fuel burned by the boiler is bagasse, how much fuel does it need to consume in the process?

  To calculate fuel fuel consumption, we also need to know the calorific value of bagasse and the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

  Heat required=600 kcal

  Calorific Value of Bagasse (kcal/kg)=3

  Boilers thermal efficiency=88%

  Heat required (kcal/hr)=Bagasse Required* Calorific Value of that fuel (kcal/kg)*Boilers thermal efficiency

  Finally calculated Bagasse Required=600 kcal/88%/3=227kg

  In other words, it takes about 272.3 kilograms of bagasse to produce 1 ton of steam.

  However, in the actual operation of the bagasse boiler, the calculation of fuel consumption is very complicated. And because of the form of bagasse, water content, ash, etc., the caloric value of bagasse will change. In the actual operation of the boiler, the heat absorbed by the water into steam is closely related to the parameters of feed water temperature, water supply, steam temperature, steam pressure, etc., which also increases the computational complexity of fuel consumption.

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