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Biomass boiler select

2018-10-17 18:15:02     Author:zgboiler

  The customer learned that some knowledge about biomass boilers can be of great help in selecting biomass boilers.

  1. Biomass boiler type and application

Biomass boiler select

  ZBG produces a variety of types of biomass boilers. Knowing the type and use of these boilers, customers can choose a biomass boiler that is more suitable for their needs.

  ZBG has developed a small biomass boiler of 1-20t/h chain grate, which can be used in food factories, textile mills, paper mills, pharmaceutical plants, lumber mills, feed mills, slaughterhouses, flower and vegetable greenhouses, breweries, rubber factories, Chemical plants, etc.

  DHL series corner tube chain grate boilers can be used in chemical plants, textile mills, wineries, fertilizer plants, biomass power plants, thermal companies, etc.

  Biomass circulating fluidized bed boilers are mainly used for large-scale biomass power generation, central heating systems, and cogeneration, and can be used in biomass power plants, thermal power plants, heat companies, chemical plants, garment and textile plants, steel metallurgy, and tire manufacturing.

  2. Basic information on biomass boilers

Biomass boiler select

  Understand the basic information of various biomass boilers, and provide more reference for customers to choose the right boiler.

  •   Thermal efficiency
  •   Technical characteristics
  •   Combustion method
  •   Fuel design
  •   model
  •   capacity
  •   Rated steam temperature
  •   Feed water temperature

  This information can be found on the specific product page of the website, such as the dhl series steam boiler page. Customers can also contact us to ask our customer service staff for specific information about the boiler.

  3. Price, cost, fuel consumption

  When selecting a biomass boiler, the customer's information on boiler price, cost, fuel consumption is very important. These information involve many factors, generally can not give accurate values, ZBG can provide reference information according to customer requirements.

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