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2 ton biomass steam boiler

2019-03-13 18:16:20     Author:zgboiler

  1. Introduction

  2 ton DZL series biomass steam boiler is a type of packaged boiler, which has the structure of three-pass, fire and water tube combined. Both sides of the boiler are arranged with light pipe, water-cooling wall. The furnace and convection pass are made up from boiler drum and water cooling tubes at both sides. The front smoke chamber consists of 4 shed tubes and front tube plate. There is screw thread convection smoke tubes installed inside the boiler. The chain grate bears the whole boiler proper in the bottom part of the water cooling system so as to be a package boiler. In order to lower the inlet smoke temperature of the front tube plate, we install water cooling tubes at both sides to make convection smoke pass to absorb the heat. The feed water and smoke have counter cross layout. There are also platform handrails equipped with the economizer so it will be easy to maintain.

2 ton biomass steam boiler

  2. 2 ton biomass steam boiler specifications

  Rated steam capacity: 2t/h

  Rated working pressure: 1.0 MPa

  Rated steam temperature: 204°C

  Feeding water temperature: 20°C

  Cold air temperature: 20°C

  Test pressure: 2.0MPa

  Radiant heating surface: 11.5 m2

  Convection heating surface: 75.5m2

  The economizer heating surface: 43.2 m2

  The active grate area: 5.5 m2

  Exhaust gas temperature: 145°C

  Excess air coefficient at exhaust site: 1.65

  Design thermal efficiency: 79.3%

  The boiler water capacity: 6.5m3

  Metal consumption: Boiler proper 6685kg

  Steel structure 5280kg

  Grate 7479kg

  Total electricity consumption: 41.25KW

  Design fuel type: biomass pellets

  In order to improve the environmental performance of biomass boilers, ZBG surrounds two ways to reduce mechanical incomplete combustion loss and exhaust heat loss: First, to strengthen the ignition, combustion and burnout of biomass from the design of combustion equipment and combustion chamber structure. And heat transfer technology. In addition, it starts from the structural configuration of the boiler. ZBG dzl series biomass boilers have a thermal efficiency of more than 85% and have been sold to Australia, Mexico, Vietnam, Singapore and other parts of the world.

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