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2000 kw biomass boiler price

2019-02-26 17:23:57     Author:zgboiler

  When customers want to know the price of a 2000kw biomass boiler, they need to know some relevant knowledge.

2000 kw biomass boiler price

  1. What does 2000 kw mean?

  The power (or output) of the boiler is the heat generated by the boiler every hour. The power of the hot water boiler is expressed by MW (1 MW = 1000 kW) or 10,000 kcal / hour (10,000 kcal / h). The power of a steam boiler, also known as the amount of evaporation, is the amount of water that is converted into steam per hour: t/h or kg/h. Of course, it can also be expressed in MW or kW. There are 1T/h=1000 kg/h=0.7 MW=720 kW=600,000 kcal/h=600 Mcal/h. The 2000 kw boiler produces 2000 kw of heat per hour under standard conditions to indicate the boiler capacity.

  2. Type of 2000 kw biomass boiler

  Different manufacturers have different ways of dividing when classifying boilers. Such as fuel type, boiler structure type, etc. The 2000kw biomass boiler produced by ZBG is the dzl series. This boiler adopts a single-drum structure and is a fire tube boiler. The boiler is equipped with a high-efficiency burner, which uses a variety of technical means to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and the thermal efficiency is 2%-20% higher than the competitor's similar products.

  3. How to calculate the price of the boiler

  As mentioned earlier, the price of the boiler is related to many factors, such as boiler capacity, model, pressure, and auxiliary equipment accessories.

  4. 2000 kw biomass boiler price

  In general, the price of a 2000kw biomass boiler is around 25-30 million. Customers can provide demand to our customer service staff, and we will provide you with price information accordingly. The more complete the information provided by the customer, the more detailed the quote information we can provide.

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