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chain grate boiler for 10 mw biomass power plant

We provide a 60 tph chain grate boiler for the 10mw biomass power plant.

  Project address: Ukrainian

  product: 10 mw biomass power plant boiler

  Application areas: biomass power plant

  A Ukrainian energy company needs to buy a biomass boiler for power generation. After communicating with customers, we know the needs of our customers. They needs a power station boiler, the power plant generating capacity is 10 MW, and the fuel used in the boiler is biomass. According to the actual situation of the customer, we provide a 60 ton/hr chain grate boiler solution.

  10 mw biomass power plant boiler solutions:

chain grate boiler for 10 mw biomass power plant

  Model: ZG

  Capacity: 60 tph

  Pressure: 3.82 MPa

  Steam Temperature: 450 ℃

  Feed Water Temperature: 105℃

  Structure: chain grate

  Fuel: Straw, Rice hulls, Palm shell, Peanut shell and other biomass

  Fuel consumption: 9.6 ton/hr(Fuel calorific value = 18392 KJ/Nm³)

  The chain grate power plant boiler adopts widthwise layout double drums structure, which totally overcomes the phenomenon of bulge by directly heating the drum in the furnace. Ignition of front arch and combustion-supporting air ensures timely ignition. Besides, chain grate boiler ceaseless movement can effectively avoid slagging. The layout of the heating surface is more reasonable.

  ZBG welcomes customers to visit our company to more intuitively recognize the production strength of their companies. ZBG is a boiler manufacturer with a history of 74 years. Our boilers are suitable for thermal power plants, energy companies, food plants, paper mills, chemical plants, building materials plants, etc.

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