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6 ton biomass boiler exported to Indonesia

In January, ZBG signed a contract with an Australian customer to provide a 25-ton biomass boiler.

  Project address: Indonesia

  product: 6 ton dzl series biomass boiler

  Application areas: food factory

  Some time ago, ZBG exported a 6-ton biomass boiler to Indonesia for a local food processing enterprise. This boiler is a dzl series biomass chain grate boiler produced by ZBG.

  1. boiler specifications

  Rated steam capacity: 6t/h

  Rated steam pressure: 1.25Mpa

  Rated steam temperature: 193°C

  Feed Water Temperature: 105°C

  Efficiency: 86%

  Radiation Heat Area: 16.95m2

  Convection Heat Area: 134.87m2

  Economizer Heat Surface: 53.13m2

  Chain gate area: 8.395m2

  Temperature of drain smoke: 166.3℃

  Fuel type: biomass pellets

  Coal size 1—40mm

  Fuel Consumption: 960Kg/h(Calculated based on fuel calorific value of 18392 KJ/kg)

  The boiler has reasonable heat surface that includes four parts: boiler furnace radiation heat surface (right and left water-cooling wall), first bank of tubes convection heat surface, second bank of tubes convection heat surface, tail heat surface (economizer). And the dzl series biomass boiler has reasonable flue speed design, heating surface without scattered ash and no abrasion. The boilers can work full load, high efficiently and safely in long term.

  ZBG is a company specializing in the research, design and production of boilers for more than 70 years. With several researching and producing bases in China, we can provide the powerful technical service and upper quality machinery for the clients all over the world.

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